Friday, April 19, 2013

Bath SPLASH & Brother and Sister Undie Times!!

Since Lily Belle has been able to sit up by herself, I have her sit up at the end of her bath to rinse.  I have only been doing this for the past three days trying to teach her how to splash and today she finally got it and went to TOWN!  She was having such a fun time, I almost didn't want to take her out!  Gotta love bath SPLASH!!

 It's time for our morning routine with no clothes!  
 If Caleb could just wear his undies, he would...all day...every day!  This kid loves his undies!
I think he just likes to show off his Star Wars characters.  Lily Belle on the other hand, just likes showing off her ROLLS!  Love my babies!!  ENJOY!!!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

My Attempt to Take Photos of Caleb at his Preschool Easter Egg Hunt!

 OKAY!  Today was Caleb's preschool Easter Egg Hunt.  Enough Said.  He was supposed to go out and find 6 eggs numbered 1-6 and then he was done.  He was done before the hunt even started!  He was more worried about playing on the playground than Easter Egg finding!!  I think I ended up showing him what eggs to pick up!  The hunt started at 11:10 and ended at 11:10 (it was supposed to go until 11:35)!!! Lily Belle was a little upset with me because I had to wake her up from her could also be the huge bow I made her wear too!!

 Lily Belle and I ended up watching Caleb play for a little while!  It was fun to watch him GO! GO! GO!...I totally understand why he comes home so tired after preschool!!  

 Here we go...I actually took his bag and had to find two more eggs for him while he played!!  

 Oh YEA!!  That's a good smolder...OR is it a GEEZ MOM, just let me play and STOP taking pictures!!!
Okay...who needs an Easter Egg Hunt when he's having so much fun!!  I LOVE this!!!
More Easter to come...ENJOY!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Going Green!

 Something super crazy happened while the Colson Family was sleeping last night...we woke up to a MESS (well messier than usual!)
 We found this note lying on the table along with, what I like to call, "Leprechaun Poop," sending Caleb on a mighty search to find the Pot O' Gold!
My goodness, those leprechauns sure turn things topsy turvy...can I still blame them for the house mess after St. Patrick's Day!?!?

The young boy set out on his quest and BEHOLD...he found the Pot O' Gold...with silly leprechaun treats!  (supposedly orange and yellow makes gold, says Caleb!)
 Yessirree...he was quite excited with his find!  So much so he didn't whine when Mom got him dressed for church this morning! (The first time EVER...mark this day people!)
 We had to check to see if those coins were real gold...

Sadly, they were just chocolate!!  That's better though!

 This Wee Bonnie Lass was asleep during all of the festivities, but emerged to wish us a "Top of the Afternoon!"  
We'll see if the Leprechauns can bring us such sweet smiles next year!


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

GMA & GPA, a Splash of Space Center Houston and Caleb's 5th!!

I can't start off a post without these two faces!  I can't say enough what a lucky momma I am!!  I LOVE these two so much AND I love that they love each other!  I say my prayers every day that it lasts!!!!

Here we go!!  GMA and GPA came for their annual Spring Break visit (which falls around Caleb's Birthday!)  This year was such a treat...we made sure to hit some food hot spot favs (Pappasitos...YUM!) and my mom and I of course did some SHOPPING...YAY!  Lily Belle got to join us on our shopping adventure and scored some cutesie things herself!  My favorite to thing to do with my mom now that we live in a smaller town is take her to the local boutiques and have her try on some Texas Funky Clothes!  And with stores like Texas Funkyard and Texas Treasures, we found some!!'s fun being in Texas!  GPA and Caleb got to hang out while us gals went out...they had some good times too playing games, and of course, watching Star Wars!!

We surprised Caleb for his birthday this year and took him to Space Center Houston!  You will see in a few pics down below why he really wanted to go!  We took a tram tour over to NASA's Johnson Space Center where they do the real space work and got to tour the International Space Station Astronaut Training Facility!

 This place was set up in modules just like the International Space Station is set up.  Because we were there on a Saturday, there weren't any astronauts there training...maybe someday we'll head over on a weekday and see them at work!

This is was is supposed to take astronauts to Mars one day...

How cool is this!  The place was HUGE and truly interesting!  Really makes you want to go into space!

Next, we went over to Rocket Park (Still on NASA)!  This is the rocket that would take the astronauts up into space for the Apollo Missions!  

As you can see, it's pretty small...NOT!!

UMMMM yeah, this building was AH-MAH-ZING!!!

All that engine power just to get this one piece with 3 astronauts into space...again...WOW!

Hey...there's a little boy in that rocket engine!

Oh...just Caleb!!  He had a BLAST (pun intended)!  He ran around counting the point that people were counting down with him!

Another space ship...Caleb is not facing the camera because he is crying!  He was blessed with his mom's gracefulness and had fallen running out to take a pic with his dad!  He scored a Space Angry Bird though!!!

I tried to get Lily Belle to look at the you think she's distracted??

Oh to love making the beach ball float!  This was about as much as we could get Caleb to do because he was there for the...wait for it...

The Space Center built a HUGE Angry Bird play area for the kiddos which is what drew Caleb to the Space Center in the first place!  He got to go and play with his dad and had a great time!

I think Lily Belle had a great time too! 

WOW!  He would make a great astronaut!

My baby boy is now a BIG BOY!  I can't believe he's 5!  Here are 5 things to know about Caleb:
1. Is OBSESSED still with anything and everything Angry Birds!
2.  Has caught on to the Star Wars Craze to the delight of his dad!
3. Ate his birthday cake this year...WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!?
4. Is still the sweetest, snuggliest, lovingest, friendliest, stubbornest little boy you'll ever meet!
5. Again, a wonderful big brother!  He takes such GREAT care of his sister and is the BEST helper to his momma!  

Yes friends, I made the cake!  I am glad that I will only have to do 2 of these a year!  Also, thanks momma for helping me map out Luke Skywalker so he looks right!

Caleb's favorite part of his birthday celebration!!

I can guarantee I know what he's wishing for right now!!!   Something Star Wars or something Angry Birds, but probably both!

What a spoiled boy!  GMA and GPA took him shopping where he scored the ultimate Angry Bird Game (with talking launcher), his Nana and Papa got him some new Star Wars bedding for his new bedroom (so awesome), and we got him the rest!  What a great start to a great 5th year! 
Thanks for stopping by!  Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

She's Graduated to Toes!!!

 WOW!  Two posts in one day?!?  That is just AH-MAHZiNG!!  I mentioned in the post before this one that Lily Belle has started sucking her toes and yes, here is the proof!  She really only sucks them right before she is getting into the bath and without clothes!  She isn't as restricted!  
 We didn't really think that she would really be able to get her toe to her mouth...but she proved us wrong!
 I laugh every time I see her do this!!
Again, something she will ALWAYS be reminded that she did...and now the video to prove it!!

My Little Doll!

How many times do I go onto cute boutiquey/photography websites and see these adorable pics of half naked babies!  I get a little jealous because 1. I don't have tons of $ to be able to take my baby girl to get her pics done all of the time and 2. Lily Belle isn't sitting up without support quite yet!  The other night I got a wild hair...I was getting Lily Belle ready for her bath and had her sitting on my lap commenting to Adam about how she looks like a little sumo wrestler (I just know my kids are going to be so tired of us telling them how fat they were as babies!) Anyway, I decided that I would try to get a few pics of my baby girl just because I love that belly!!  I put on one of my necklaces just to see what it would look like but thought it made her look like Mr. T!!!  

So, we went without!  Again, I LOVE THAT BELLY!!!  I had so much fun with Caleb as a baby, but things are so different with this sweet gal!  I love my babies SO MUCH! (even when Caleb is his whiney/crying self)!  

You can tell Lily Belle was happy to do a little pose for me!  I even got a little of her thighs which are a sight to see!  Lily Belle has also taken to sucking her toes...we were surprised she could even get them to her mouth, but she manages...again, so funny to see!!  We're going to have some fun stories to tell her when she's older!  I hope that sweet face makes your day like she makes mine!  Enjoy!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Bad Habits and Big Obsession!

 Ahhhhhhhhh Sundays...always the same ol' story.  I try to find Lily Belle a fun outfit to wear to church, put it on her and BAM! Where's the dress??  Oh, it's in Lily's mouth!!!  Side Note: This particular outfit did have matching leggings, but were too small!  I think I spend a majority of the day wiping baby spit off of the bottoms of her dresses!!
 My mom has actually blamed me for giving her things to hold while she's sucking her thumb and I say NUH-UH!!  or maybe...I'll never admit it!!  She's exploring textures...right?!?!

I mean really, this dress had a really cute floral applique design on it, but I don't think anyone got to see it!  She's got a nice white onsie on though, with some cute socks...not shoes (that's another story!)
Oh that sweet innocent looking...but NO!  Caleb has had a healthy Angry Bird obsession for about the past year and a half.  The kid just can't get enough!  It really doesn't help either that they come out with a new Angry Bird game every month!  
A lot of the times we get him the games to play and really all he wants to do is just play with the birds and pigs!  Maybe someday we'll get to play the acutal game!  He has also asked for an Angry Birds Star Wars Birthday this year...we will have to see what I can come up with!  There are definitely going to be some random decorations!
 I just had to throw this one in there!  
 Here we go again!!  I really love the onsie/dress easy to wear and so cute on!  

 Maybe this is just Lily telling us that she's ready to start solids!!!  OR I just don't feed her enough!!
She has that innocent look down!!

Oh the Nook...another reason we are so Angry Bird obsessed!  I really don't think the games are horrible for Caleb to play, BUT this has definitely become a HUGE incentive in our household for Caleb to get things done!  So sad that it was originally supposed to be for reading books!  We've actually threatened to take all of the games off and just leave the books and I thought Caleb was going to pass out!!  Caleb does well with a set time and every so often I get tears if his time is up and it has to be put away!!  My boy has quite the imagination, and there are many night where he goes to bed with mom telling him my own made up Angry Bird stories!!